Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Why is USC ranked #1? The AP Top 25 is terrible.

Am I missing something here?  Is this 2005?  Why on earth is this condom garbage ranked #1?  The Pac-12 is a garbage conference.  How many more times does an SEC school have to win the BCS title?  And people say the SEC is overrated?  What is this crap with USC?  So because Barkley is coming back, this team deserves to be #1 in the AP poll?  Who exactly did they beat last year besides Oregon?  And they nearly coughed up a 24-point lead in the game.  They were lucky that a missed chip shot FG kept it from going into OT.  

Their schedule was an absolute joke last year and they only beat one great team.  That one great team just so happens to be the team that got clownstomped by LSU.  There's no denying USC is a good football team, and Matt Barkley gives them a shot to compete for a national title, but #1 is going too far.  Alabama and LSU didn't lose that many players for USC to make up the difference in talent.  USC's defense is nowhere near that of Bama or LSU, and Barkley would have a tough time putting up points against either of those defenses.  Conversely, LSU or Bama would have no problem scoring on USC's defense.  That is a ludicrous ranking and speaking of ludicrous rankings.  

What is the deal with Arkansas' ranking?  Keep in mind, the Hogs lost virtually nobody, just as USC did, yet USC jumps all the way past the likes of Bama and LSU, and Arkansas falls all the way down to 10?  Ridiculous.  Sure, USC gets top recruits, but so does Bama and LSU, yet they can jump ahead of them, yet Arkansas falls to 10. Why is South Carolina and Florida St. ranked ahead of Arkansas?  I can understand losing Petrino might hurt Arkansas, but it's basically still the same offense and same team that finished #5 last season.  And they get Knile Davis back, a Heisman caliber RB.  How many more times does Arkansas have to beat South Carolina in order to get ranked ahead of them in the preseason polls?  I may be exaggerating a little, but I can't recall the last time South Carolina has beat Arkansas.  It has to be three-to-five years at least, yet every year SC is ahead of them in preseason polls.  And Florida St. completely blows in a crappy conference.  They shouldn't even be in the top 10.  I guess the AP didn't learn their lesson from last season for overrating Florida St..

Don't get me started on Georgia.  They must be paying someone under the table, because I can't recall another team that has been more overrated and has come up laughably short as much as Georgia.  #6?  Is this some kind of inside joke?  They made the SEC championship by virtually beating nobody.  Let's just not forget that they actually lost to South Carolina.  Why they made the SEC championship game and got embarrassed?  Because they didn't face Arkansas, LSU, or Alabama in the season, who were all the top 3 teams in the country at one point.  South Carolina at least had to face one of them, that was what did them.  Georgia didn't face any of them.  Georgia made the SEC championship game because they got lucky and their division was a joke.  To make matters even worse, Georgia choked a three possession lead to a garbage Michigan St. Spartans team.  Way to represent the SEC.  Yet this team is ranked #6 in the preseason polls ahead of Arkansas, and South Carolina to boot.  What a laughable joke.  The AP does it once again.

I also love the disrespect that Urban Meyer is getting.  All he does is turn teams around and Ohio St. is ranked this low.  Yet, as I mentioned, the likes of Florida St. and Georgia are in the top 10.  This #18 ranking is hilarious for Ohio St., and it's typical of the AP.  They get these rankings wrong every single year.  There's so much hypocrisy and stupidity put into these rankings.  I can't recall the last time they've been actually right.


  1. I know its stupid, USC didnt even finish last season in the top 10 now there #1, so messed up.

  2. What will it take and how long will it be before there is a playoff implemented. I understand it's a money issue from the Presidents' point of view, but how long will people take college football seriously as it stands now? The last couple of years have seen controversy, but it was warranted controversy. The teams in question were still good. This year however, favoritism and popularity contests have really come to the surface with the USC ranking after their loss to the 40-point underdog Cardinals of Stanford. They have played a mediocre schedule to date and managed to lose to a non-contender and still stay in the top 10 while Michigan plummeted completely out of the top 25 with a single loss.

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