Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The owner of the Dallas Cowboys talks Super Bowl, laughable

He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named is never at a loss for words.  After falling to the depleted Baltimore Ravens 31-29 last Sunday, he has the guts, the nerve, the audacity to suggest that this Dallas Cowboy team can win the Super Bowl.  The dark lord's recent comments about the Cowboys chances in hoisting that Lombardi trophy is the talk of Valley Ranch once again.  This is absolutely ridiculous.  This is absurd, ludicrous, and unbelievable.  There aren't enough words to describe this.  Is he serious?  Is he really serious?  Really?  I mean really?
"We've got to have some wins to make sure we're in the hunt. But we are fresh off, I keep pointing it out, a world champion that won nine of 16 ballgames last year.  We know that you want your team as healthy and as in sync as it can be as we get on in to the end of the season. We know that we've played one division game and won it. We've got those guys, the Giants, coming back in here. We know that's going to be a big game for us.  All of those things give us a chance to take a team that is evolving into -- if you look at the pluses against the Ravens -- evolving into a team that can be a team that can compete for the championship. Not next year, this year.  I'm not into everybody getting better, learning for years to come," Jones said. "It's this year."
What does it matter how many games the Giants won in the regular season last year?  They were a good football team who had a brutal schedule.  That contributed somewhat to their 9-win season.  The Giants have in place everything that it takes to win a SB, so regardless of record, they were a dangerous team if they could get in.  They had a QB who already won one SB and is absolutely unconscious in the clutch.  One of the best front 7s in all of football.  Arguably having the deepest defensive line in the game.  A head coach who's won a SB before.  Not as some back-up QB, but as a head coach.  A franchise that's won multiple playoff games in the last decade and a half.  A GM who is actually great at what he does.  They don't have some owner who masquerades as a GM.  The Giants back up their talk.  Those were the New York Football Giants, not the Detroit Lions.  The Giants know how to win.  That wasn't just some ordinary 9-win team.

Frankly, the Cowboys just don't know how to win.  It's not just because the quarterback can't win big games or makes bad decisions at the worst times.  It's not just that the head coach can't coach because he's trying to do too many things at once.  It's not just because the defense gives up big plays and rarely makes any in big moments.  It's because of the owner.  It starts at the top.  You wanna know why this team walks around with this sense of entitlement?  It's because of the owner.  The arrogance to make such comments is baffling to me.  The complete disregard for the fact that the other teams are professional too. 

There is nothing wrong with him being confident in his team, but you have to crawl before you walk.  He talks about winning the Super Bowl when his team has one playoff win since the beginning of Bill Clinton's second term as POTUS.  Try to make the NFC Championship game first.  Let a young, brilliant, savvy businessman take over GM duties.  Stop meddling with the players and the coaches.  Let the head coach give injury updates, not you.  I want to hear from the players and coaches more than I want to hear from the owner.

He thinks this team can win a Super Bowl when they can't properly execute at the end of ball games.  The Cowboys need to learn how to win football games first before they start talking about Super Bowl.  And not just any games, playoff games.  A team that is 2-3 with two blowout losses is not ready to win a Super Bowl.  Super Bowl teams usually don't have quarterbacks who throw 5 interceptions in a nationally televised game.  They typically don't have the third worst turnover differential in the L.  They probably don't give up 108-yard kick returns for TDs, fumble opening kickoffs, or have punts blocked in pivotal road games.  They are better at clock management in late-game situations.  They have receivers who make big plays in key moments, not dropping 2-point conversions with the game on the line.  So I have to ask, how is this a Super Bowl team?

That win in New York to open the season is a distant memory; as if that win really mattered anyway in the grand scheme of things.  Winning divisional games isn't everything.  I remember a certain Oakland Raiders team going 6-0 in the division yet missing the playoffs because they finished 2-8 against opponents outside of the division.  Rare indeed, but the dark lord shouldn't be hanging his hat on that division win in New York well over a month ago.  The bottom line is the Cowboys aren't as good as the Giants.  Heck, the Cowboys aren't even good, they are mediocre.  Contrary to popular belief, the Cowboys are not all that talented.  They definitely aren't as talented as the Giants.  They aren't as mentally tough as the Giants.  Their franchise isn't run as well as the Giants.

If the Cowboys want to be anything like the Giants of last season and 2007, they can start by running ship like the Giants.  Hire a real offensive coordinator so the head coach can be a full-time head coach.  Hire a real GM so they can consistently draft well as those New York Giants do.  Build an elite front 7 that can make life hell for the opposing quarterback.  Control the quarterback's school-yard play mentality.  Most importantly, the dark lord needs to take a backseat and stop setting unrealistic expectations for such a mediocre team.  Sign paychecks and stay hidden..  The braggadocio act only works if your team is actually good and winning playoff games.  It doesn't work when all of America is laughing at you, your team's ineptitude, your team's tendency to lose games in embarrassing fashion, your self-aggrandizing, your laughable home record in your billion dollar stadium, and this sense of entitlement.  Instead of worrying about being like the Giants, you need to be like the Texans first.

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