Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jerry Jones needs to shut up

Somebody has to say it, so I'll say it.  Just shut up.  We get it, you own the team.  You get to do and say whatever you want, but that doesn't mean you have to do everything or say whatever you want.  The only thing you should be doing is rooting for the team every week, signing checks, and discussing contracts with the players.  I've been a Cowboy fan for over 20 years, and I'm from and live in Arkansas.  Even I'm tired of the nonsense.  Jerry is a well-respected man here in Arkansas.  I respect him for managing to keep the Cowboys a marketable team.  I respect his business acumen.  I respect him as a person, and I don't personally hate him. I'm not trying to sugarcoat anything here. I'm speaking from the heart.  Jerry is a good person, and I know he means well, but enough is enough.  There is entirely too much braggadocio going on for someone who's team has one playoff win in 15 seasons.  Not only that, I don't understand why he has to talk to the media as much as he does.  Can you think of another owner that is so vocal about his team week in and week out like Jerry Jones?  I don't have that much of a problem with his recent shot at the Giants.  The context in which it was said was fine with me.  It was blown out of proportion.  But it's the other things.  Talking about the window closing, and his comments regarding not speaking to Dez.  Little things like that.  And those are not the only things Jerry says.  Every week, it's something.  He's always talking to the media.  Heck, he even has his own radio show.  Jerry, y u no shut the hell up?  Does any other owner do this?  Does any other owner talk this much to the media?  Seriously?  The best thing Jerry Jones could do for this Cowboy team is to shut the hell up.  It is because of Jerry that there is added pressure to the Cowboys.  It is because of Jerry that they have these unrealistic expectations that they've come up short on which has led to the team becoming a laughingstock.  Maybe Jerry Jones shouldn't open his mouth to the media.  Not only that, maybe he shouldn't have so much say-so in the front office.  Whenever Jerry has been the GM without Bill Parcells or Jimmie Johnson, his teams have come up short, period.  The stats do not lie:

Jerry Jones w/o Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells:

Record Win percentage Playoff Wins Championships
120-104 .535 6 1

Jerry Jones w/ Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells:

Record Win percentage Playoff Wins Championships
78-66 .541 7 2

As you can see, the numbers don't lie.  Keep this in mind.  That's more playoff wins, and championships in five fewer years.  The 1994 Cowboys and the 1995 Cowboys can be largely attributed to Jimmy Johnson.  After he left, Switzer was left with a great squad, and succeeded largely because of what Jimmy built.  After a few years under Switzer, the talent started to seriously decline.  That's not all Switzer's fault, but you have to wonder where the Cowboys would have been had Jerry and Jimmy never got into it.  The Cowboys would soon fall into an annual streak of irrelevancy until Parcells took over.  When Parcells took over, he was taking over a team that had just finished 5-11 for three seasons in a row.  He immediately began to turn that team around and would make them somewhat relevant again. 

You can see in the tables that with only nine seasons of Jimmy and Parcells running things, they had a combined better winning percentage, more playoff wins and championships.  Now I have to mention that Parcells didn't have any playoff wins, but he turned around a franchise that was in disarray, and provided the Cowboys with both Ware and Romo to build around.  Without him, the Cowboys don't have much of a foundation to build on today.  He brought back accountability within the locker room and gave the Cowboys a fighting chance to get themselves back on the map.  If you take away the first two seasons after Jimmy and Parcells left, Jerry's record stands at an abysmal 74-86.  That's a .462 winning percentage and only two playoff wins.  This is the record I judge Jerry mostly by, because most of those playoff wins and lone championship in the above table w/o JJ and BP are largely because of what JJ and BP left him.

So with all that said, it seems to me like the Cowboys would be better off if Jerry wasn't running everything.  If Jerry wasn't running his mouth to the media.  If Jerry wasn't giving the team speeches and hosting pep rallies.  If Jerry would just stay the hell out of every aspect of the Dallas Cowboys' personnel decisions.  But that is asking too much.  He will likely never do it, so as Cowboy fans, we have to accept it.  We all know the best way for Jerry Jones to help the Cowboys is to shut up, and stay behind the scenes like an owner is supposed to do.  This is a players league, not an owners league.

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