Saturday, August 25, 2012

If the Yankees did what the Dodgers did, they'd get criticized

I applaud what the Dodgers are doing.  They are trying to win now.  That was made clear after landing Hanley Ramirez from the Miami Marlins, and Shane Victorino from the Philadelphia Phillies.  But no, they wouldn't stop there.  They made yet another splash trade with the Boston Red Sox.  You can't really blame the Dodgers.  They are going all in.  Similar to how the Angels are going all in with the signing of Pujols and C.J. Wilson, and trading for Zack Greinke.

There is nothing wrong with going for it all, even if it requires spending money or taking on a lot of money.  This is what brings me to my point.  Had the New York Yankees did what the Dodgers did this season, they'd be getting criticized to no end.  Some would even go as far as bringing up "baseball needs a salary cap" discussions again.  The fact of the matter is, even though the Yanks have had one of the highest payrolls in baseball in the last decade, it has only translated to one World Series title.  So what is this notion that the Yanks just buy titles?  That argument has always been a complete fallacy.  It sounds like sour grapes to me.

Those high payrolls may translate to many playoff appearances, but it isn't buying World Series titles.  Besides that, the Dodgers, Angels, Phillies, etc. have gotten off clean in the past few years.  They've all assembled rosters with high payrolls, and there hasn't bee much criticism about it.  Yet, when the Yankees pay CC Sabathia and Mark Teixeira 20 million dollars a year, tantrums ensue.  Where I come from, that is called hypocrisy, my friends.  I can understand that the Yankees are not a likeable team, but that doesn't mean all objectivity and logicality should fly out the window when it comes to criticizing them.

If you want to criticize them, criticize them for having a high payroll and only winning one World Series title in the last decade.  Don't criticize them because they choose to spend an exorbitant amount of money on putting a winning product on the field.  Every team does it when they have the assets.  Just see the Dodgers, Phillies, and Angels.  The difference is, the Yankees' organization always has these type of assets because they are a cash cow.

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